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Rados History


Rados has established a leadership position in the provision of both particle and bulk sorting solutions. Rados has successfully implemented over 50 particle sorting solutions, worldwide covering a wide range of commodities, including PGM, Au, Cu Ni, Ag and REM. In addition, Rados has successfully participated in a number of successful development projects in respect of bulk and in-pit sorting solutions, in conjunction with clients and proprietary mining equipment suppliers.                           

HISTORYUchaly Copper-Zinc Mine - 2005_edited
image001 (1)
HISTORYPPM - Delivery of Sorters - 2015
History Proof of Concept Plant - Under Construction - 2014 - 1
HISTORYZun Holba Gold Mine - 2003
PPM Proof of Concept Plant - Under Construction - 2015 - 2
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