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The RADOS XRF+ Ore Sorting Solutions

A proprietary and proven sorter - a game-changer for the mining industry

RADOS Sorting Solutions


Rados is unique in offering a complimentary suite of solutions, to provide an optimal value
proposition for client operations, including:


for lower volume operations;


for higher volume operations;


for higher volume operations, combining both bulk sorting (roughing) and particle sorting (cleaning).

Sorting Solutions
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Particle Sorting Solution


The Rados particle sorting solution provides strong value propositions for clients, because of the accuracy, consistency and quantum of the ore upgrade, due to:


  • Primary analysis of metal or proxy markers, rather than secondary analysis of other characteristics, such as colour and density.


  • A true particle-by-particle sort, facilitated by the Rados proprietary mechanical actuation system.


  • The robustness of the sorter, due to its state of the art applied engineering features, which ensures high availability and lower maintenance.

  • A modular system allowing for the attainment of economies of scale benefits.

Particle Sorting

Bulk Sorting Conveyer Solution


The Rados Bulk Sorting Solution provides strong value propositions for clients, due to:

  • Our unique ability to analyse and actuate in <10-second intervals, notwithstanding large variations in ROM ore particle size distribution, thereby maximising the bulk sorting value proposition.


  • The Bulk Sorter can process a wide range of sizes, and ore types requiring only an algorithm change which can be done remotely and instantaneously.

  • The Rados scanners incorporate machine learning functionality, which continuously improves the performance of the scanner.


  • The calibration process is highly automated which can be conducted without stopping the conveyor.

  • We are in the process of developing bespoke off conveyor belt in-pit bulk sorting solutions to compliment the Bulk sorting solution.

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Bulk Sorting
Integrated Sorting
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Integrated Sorting Solution

Rados is the only company able to offer this integrated solution which combines both sorting solutions in (for example) a roughing (bulk sorter) – scavenging (particle sorter) approach.


  • ROM Ore is feed through the Rados Bulk Sorter and sorted into high and low-grade ore streams.

  • The high-grade ore is sent directly to the processing plant and the lower grade ore is then crushed and screened before being fed through Rados Particle Sorting Plant.

  • The Rados Particle Sorter sorts the ore into, high-grade ore which is sent to the processing plant and low-grade ore, which is sent to the discard stockpile.

  • This integrated solution mitigates risk by maximizing recovery.




The Rados Sorting Solutions provide a platform for ore stream digitalization, by providing

real-time data and analysis, into an independent database with automated reporting capability, with potential integration into the client’s SCADA network.

The benefits include:


  • Facilitates measurement of ore grade for online metal accounting, and reconciliation of expected versus actual metal content delivered by the mine for downstream beneficiation;


  • Allows geologists to assess the accuracy of their resource model and the valuation thereof, providing real time feedback of the current sections being mined;


  • The volumetric analysis assists with optimisation of belt loading and upstream resource utilisation;


  • The feed-forward value lies in the ability to adjust the beneficiation plant incrementally ahead of time, based on the expected properties of the ore on its way from the mine.


  • Data collection allows for predictive maintenance, which reduces unexpected downtime and maintenance costs.

  • The Rados Scanner can also be used as a stand-alone analyser to real-time data.

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