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The profitability of mining companies is being eroded by declining ore grades. The only tenable response is to improve recovery efficiencies and reduce mining and beneficiation costs, which is the solution provided by pre-concentration.

The highly differentiated Rados XRF   sorting solutions, incorporate advanced artificial intelligence, sophisticated software and algorithms and machine learning functionality, which have been specifically designed to meet this pre-concentration challenge. Rados XRF   is the only sorting technology to provide the full suite of sorting solutions, including:

  • Particle sorting (feed volumes < 500 tph);

  • Bulk sorting on conveyors (feed volumes > 500 tph); and

  • Bulk sorting in-pit, in conjunction with materials handling equipment (feed volumes up to 10,000 tph).


In addition, Rados offers integrated particle and bulk ore sorting solutions, designed to use the combination of particle and bulk sorting, to optimise recoveries and throughput, and therefore the resulting client value proposition. 

Rados analysers simultaneously provide a platform for ore stream digitalization, providing additional benefits and functionality to facilitate downstream process improvement and optimization, for example identification of deleterious mineral content.



Rados XRF   Ore Sorting Solutions

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